For memory, this is the result of lot of work, started more than 1 year ago:

And since, each minor release have been published in the repository on upstream announcement day.

Since yesterday, PHP version 7.0.8 is the version available in Fedora rawhide. It will be used for PHP stack QA.

Notice, removed extensions and packages:

  • php-ereg
  • php-mssql
  • php-mysql
  • php-pecl-jsonc (but php-json is back)
  • php-pecl-mongo (php-pecl-mongodb is under review)
  • php-pecl-xhprof
  • php-pecl-mysqlnd-ms
  • php-pecl-mysqlnd-qc
  • php-xcache

Some others will probably be removed later by their owner. For now, all compatible extensions have been updated: amqp, apcu, apfd, event, fann, geoip, gmagick, http, lorde_lz4, igbinary, json_post, libsodium, libvirt, lzf, mailparse, memcache, memcached, msgpack, oauth, pq, propro, raphf, redis, rrd, selinux, smbclient, solr2, ssdeep, ssh2, twig, uuid, xattr, xdebug, xmldiff, yac, yaml, zip, zmq.

Now, we have to manage and fix all the problems detected by Koschei in the php group.

And of course, I have already start working on PHP 7.1 which will probably be proposed for Fedora 26.

So things happen here first, in remi repository, which is used as upstream for Fedora and later for RHEL and CentOS.

Great thanks to my employer, and to everyone using my packages, and helping me to make this possible.