Current version is PHP 7.0.0beta2 with about 25 extensions which are already compatible.

emblem-important-4-24.pngThis repository provides developement versions which are not suitable for production usage.

The repository configuration is provided by the latest version of the remi-release package:

  • remi-release-21-2.fc21.remi
  • remi-release-22-2.fc22.remi
  • remi-release-6.5-2.el6.remi
  • remi-release-7.1-2.el7.remi

emblem-notice-24.pngAs for other remi's repositories, it is disabled by default, so the update is an administrator choice.

E.g. to update the PHP system version:

yum --enablerepo=remi update remi-release
yum --enablerepo=remi-php70 update php\*

emblem-important-2-24.pngAs lot of extensions are not yet available, the update may fail, in this case you have to remove not yet compatible extensions, or wait for their update.

I don't plan to open this repository for EL-5 which is near to end of life.

PHP 7.0 as Software Collection stay in "remi-test" (before the switch to "remi") as there is no conflicts with the base packages.