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Mathieu Dubois, CNRS, France, August 2023

Les dépôts de Remi exploitent le meilleur des technos Red Hat: pouvoir jongler entre plusieurs versions de PHP simplifie grandement le travail quand on doit maintenir et faire évoluer une application.

Une fois qu'on a découvert ces dépôts ont a du mal à s'en passer.

Charles Rozier, Web2Com, France, October 2019

Pour le développeur Web/PHP indépendant que je suis les dépôts de Remi sont une bénédiction.

Que ce soit mon poste de travail ou les serveurs privés physiques ou virtuels que j'administre pour plusieurs clients, tout tourne sous CentOS (7 à l'heure actuelle).
Et j'utilise les dépôts de Remi partout, aussi bien pour des installations en version simple ou multiple. Avec le Wizard rien de plus facile !

Je ne me suis pas non plus privé pour m'inspirer de "His PHP Workstation" et ainsi travailler sereinement sur des projets récents, maintenir ou faire évoluer des plus anciens quelques que soient les prérequis (i.e. un vieux Magento avec PHP 5.6 ou un WooCommerce tout neuf en 7.3).

Facile d'utilisation, de qualité, activement maintenu. Au top !

Merci Remi.

John McNally, System Engineer, Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A, April 2019

Our organization just started using your packages and I am impressed by the quality and organization. I upgraded all of our CentOS 7 web servers from the baseline PHP 5.4 to your PHP 7.3. The process went very smoothly on all systems, with no need to remove or reinstall any packages. All dependencies were handled seamlessly.

Thanks for your diligent work.

Robert Klikics, CEO, RobHost GmbH, Germany, January 2019

We have been using Remi's RPM repo for several years now to provide PHP et al. to our clients. Thank you Remi for maintaining those packages and your ongoing support which relieves us of building current PHP releases ourselves!

Chris Strawser, CenturyLink, March 2018

Thank you Remi for all the work you do to provide the latest versions of PHP. You make it easy to keep PHP up-to-date and our websites safe. I donated. If you use his service, you should too.
Merci beaucoup Remi!

Viktor Vogel, Senior Web Development Specialist, 1&1 Internet SE / Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions, Germany, June 2016

I had a problem with the PHP class ZipArchive in one of my Joomla! extensions. The permission rights of files and folders were not set properly in the archive. I found out that Remi is strongly involved in this area and asked for his help in his forum. Already on the next day he found the issue and posted me the correct solution. This is really awesome! I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much, Remi! 

Agustín Castaño, Sysadmin, Hostclick Inc., Argentina, May 2016 

I have been using remi repo for 3 years now with great success because it helps me to stay current on PHP releases for our hosting clients.

NG Edwin

Thank you very much Remi for all of your repository sites.
It's really a great work keeping them up to date !


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A.K. (Austin, Texas, USA) December 2018

Hey Remi! Thank you for all your hard work!
Looking forward to rocking your sticker on my laptop with pride.

Д.Б. November 2018

Thank you for MaxMind-DB-Reader C Extension. Great job.


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