This site exposes my "little" contribution to the free community.

For some time now, I use linux on all my personal computers. And I choose the Fedora distribution mainly because I most often, and for years, use various  Red Hat versions for my professional activities.

Fedora, like some other distributions, use the RPM package format (Cf to distribute or install software and maintain a coherent operating system. You will find those I have build on this site. I build them because I  need them and I don't find them anywhere else. I generally use them on my personal computer to test a new version (ex: firefox 4) and also on servers I manage (ex: php-oci8). I hope they will be also useful to you.

This site is also a YUM repository (Cf. Yellow dog Updater, Modified) which allow a really simple installation and dependency management.
Remember to read the Configuration page.

This site is also a Blog, first to simplify its maintenance, but also to allow you to give some feedback to my work.

Fedora Project contributor

I'm, for a few years, a fedora project contributor, indeed, I maintain various RPM for Fedora and EPEL repository and also some for RPMFusion

An exhaustive list on Fedora Package Database.

I'm also a member of the PHP and EPEL SIGs (Special Interest Groups) and FPC.


To ask for help, or get explanations, or simply to have free discussion about the provided packages in the repository, you should use the dedicated forums on

We can also meet on #fedora-fr or #remirepo IRC channel (, I'm know there as RemiFedora.

You can also send me a private mail using the address, I try to read all of them, and to reply to most.Please, only write an email if the subject requires confidentiality.

GPG Key ID : 0x29F16A18 (this is my personnal key, not the one used to sign the packages)
Fingerprint : 5A0E 6F54 D94D 5732 69EE E3FF 614A 6905 29F1 6A18