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  • July: OFH (Driedorf-Roth, Germany), R.V. (Horn, Netherlands)
  • June: M.B. (Miami, Florida, USA), F.L. (Quebec, Canada), F.K. (Gernamy)
  • May: C.P. (Moscow, Russia), B.P. (Красноярск, Russia)
  • April: A.M.H. (unknown), D.F. (unknown), T.B. (Dolj, Roumania), P.M. (Lawton, Michigan, USA), R.K. (Desden, Germany)
  • March: A.H. (Columbus, Ohio, USA), S.C. (Chicago, Illinois, USA), C.S. (Unknown), A.C. (Lyon, France), K.B. (Culemborg, Netherlands), M.N. (unknown)
  • February: A.C. (Ipswich, England), M.K. (unknown), K.S. (Brantford, Canada)
  • January: D.T. (Germany), D.A.A. (Madrid, Spain), C.R (unknown)., D.S. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Cisco SG110D-08

Cisco SG110D-08 switch

bought using the paypal donations overflow (July 2018)


JP repository mirror
Thanks from/to RIKEN Nishina Center (Japan, June 2018)
BD repository mirror
Thanks from/to XeonBD (Bangladesh, April 2018)
UK repository mirror
Thanks from/to NetWeaver (Lancashire, England, February 2018)
UK repository mirror
Thanks from/to UKFast (Manchester, England, January 2018)
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Thanks from/to Reconn LLC (Moscow, Russia, January 2018)
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Thanks from/to Team Cymru (Chigago, Illinois, USA, January 2018)
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  • November: P.H.D.P. (Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA), J.Q. (Foz Do Iguaçu, Brazil), K.T. (Jackson, Calilfornia, USA)
  • October: T.Z. (Poland), N. (Southfield, Michigan, USA), B.J.
  • September: O.B. (Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Swiss), G.D.N. (Curitiba, Brasil)
  • August: K.B. (Halle, Germany), K.T. (Brno, Czech Republic), D.S. (Costa Mesa, California, USA), J.F.P. (Auckland, New Zealand), L.F. (Norderstedt, Germany)
  • July: Y.C. (Shanghai, China), M.R. (Tornpoint,  United Kingdom)
  • June: C.W. (Oldenzaal, Netherlands), P.M. (Wien, Austria), S.S. (München, Germany), K.H. (Voorheesville, New-York, USA), A.B. (Le Canet, France)
  • May: G.G (Reykjavík, Iceland), R.K. (Desden, Germany), L.F.R. (Madrid, Spain)
  • April: A.S. (Neutral Bay, Australia) Hacheté (Murcia, Spain), A.L.W. (Sneek, Netherlands), R.N. (Udenhout, Netherlands)
  • March: K.T. (Brno, Czech Republic), K.I. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), D.L. (Budapest, Hungary), S.B. (Saratoga Springs, NY, USA), B.F. (Rostok, Germany), T.G. (Feltham, Middlesex, UK), M.B. (Järfälla, Sweden)
  • February: A.P. (Brunley, Australia), D.K. (Bratislava, Slovakia), K.A.W (Sneek, Netherlands), M.E. (Meppel, Netherlands), G. B. (Baden, Austria), ?? ?? (Xiamen, China)
  • January: K.M.W. (Wien, Austria), P.M. (Lawton, Michigan, USA)
DK repository mirror
Thanks from/to Netsite A/S (Denmark, August 2017)
CZ repository mirror
Thanks from/to UPC Czech (Prague) (Czech Republic, August 2017)
BG repository mirror
Thanks from/to University of Ruse Angel Kanchev (Bulgaria, March 2017)
CO repository mirror
Thanks from/to Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Colombia, February 2017)
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  • December: M.B. (Erlinsbach, Swiss), J.M.T.J. (Murcia, Spain), A. F. (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany), J.A. (Toulouse, France), K.Y.L. (Selangor, Malaysia)
  • November: V.M. (Minsk, Belorussia), D.S. (Sao Paulo, Brazil), M. (Brooklyn, New-York, USA), A.F. (Kanata, Canada)
  • October: A.S. (Frankfurt am Main, Germany), J.K. (Newton, Massachusetts, USA)
  • September: I.S. (Abingdon, Maryland, USA), R. R. (Neunkirch, Switzerland)
  • August: D.K. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), B.K. (Kronberg im Taunus, Germany)
  • July: M.A.P.V. (Carmona, Sevilla, Spain), L.A. (Aventura, Florida, USA)
  • June: I.B. (Pound Ridge, New-York, USA), N.K. (Kfar Sirkin, Israel), E.K. (Bekasi, Indonesia)
  • May: T.S (Portland, Oregon, USA), J.M.M.L. (Madrid, Spain), J.R.P. (Barcelona, Spain), A.S. (Leichhardt, Australia), LDG (Brooklyn, New-York, USA), S.S. (Vadodara, Gujarat, India), M. (Brooklyn, New-York, USA)
  • April: V. (Saint Petersburg, Russia), J.K. (Espoo, Finland)
  • March: F.L.S (Caudan, France), P.C. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA), E.P. (Newton, Massachusetts, USA), N.M. (York, UK), J.B. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
  • February: D.H. (Tanilba Bay, Australia), F.K. (Schardenberg, Austria), A.S.P. (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA), R.W (Weimar, Germany), J.K. (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
  • January: C.H. (Louisville, Kentucky, USA)
NL repository mirror
Thanks from/to Triple (Netherlands, December 2016)
NL repository mirror
Thanks from/to (Netherlands, December 2016)
US repository mirror (California)
Thanks from/to N.B. (USA, October 2016)
US repository mirrors (Ashburn, VA) (Dallas, TX) (Seatle, WA)
Thanks from/to innoscale (USA, October 2016)
CA repository mirror

Thanks from/to Babylon Network (Canada, August 2016)
DE repository mirror
Thanks from/to 23media (Germany, June 2016)
FR and NL repository mirrors

Thanks from/to Babylon Network (France and Netherlands, June 2016)
CN repository mirror
Thanks from/to Tuna (China, June 2016)
FR repository mirror
Thanks from/to ATE (France, May 2016)
TR repository mirror
Thanks from/to VeriTeknik (Turkey, March 2016)

10,000 Maniacs, MTV unplugged

Thanks from/to T.K. (Mars 2016)


Beth Orton, Sugaring Season

Bruce Spingsteen, Wrecking Ball

Beil Young, A Treasure

Thanks from/to phproundtable (USA, February 2016)

KZ repository mirror
Thanks from/to Neo Labs (Kazakhstan, January 2016)
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  • November: A.F. (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany), J.F.P. (Auckland, New Zealand), ?? (Shinzaike, Japan), J.K. (Newton, Massachusetts, USA)
  • October: D.S. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • September: K.V. (Garden Grove, California, USA)
  • August: J.B. (London, UK)
  • July: ?? (Japan), M.L. (Plymouth, UK), N.G. (Norwalk, Connecticut, USA)
  • June: P.H. (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA), M.M. (Saint Louis, Missouri, USA), M.R (New York, USA)
  • May : J.I. (Stockholm, Sweden), R.C. (Mandelieu La Napoule, France), R.K. (Dresden, Germany)
  • April : T.K. (Innsbruck, Austria), J.T. (Vantaa, Finland), P.B. (Toulouse, France), J.O.O (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)
  • March : D.H. (Australia), V.S. (São Paulo, Brazil), P.L. (London, UK), D.K. (Atlanta, Georgia, USA), J.A. (Malmo, Sweden)
  • February : 3C (Fresno, California, USA), Fragantica (San Diego, California, USA)
  • January : S.C. (Beijing, China) T.B. (Vasles, France) P.L. (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada) M.M. (Macerata, Italy)
HK repository mirror
Thanks from/to InnoSphere Solution Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong, December 2015)
BE repository mirror
Thanks from/to Solutions (Belgium, September 2015)

480GB SSD Drive

bought using the paypal donations overflow (September 2015)


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Thanks from/to Netix (Bulgaria, August 2015)
EC repository mirror
Thanks from/to Universidad Técnica de Ambato (Ecuador, March 2015)
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  • October: G.P. (Quebec, Canada)
  • September: Д.Б.(Ukraine)
  • August: (Middelburg, Netherlands), K.S.H. (Bergen, Norway)
  • July: C.A. (San Francisco, Californoa, USA), P.B. (Красноярск, Russia)
  • June: D.M. (Rigas, Latvia), S.G. (Deurne, Belgium)
  • May: I.R. (Dubai, Emirates), K.M. (Рошаль, Russia)
  • April: Seb.S (Planschwitz, Germany), P.L.B. (Marseille, France)
  • March: J.F.P. (Auckland, New Zealand), R.N. (Udenhout, Netherlands), K.M. (Рошаль, Russia) C.F. (Telford, Shropshire, UK), D.T. (Cypress, California, US), A.G. (Oradea, Romania)
  • February: T.J. (Erskineville, Australia), G.G. (Gemenos, France), K.M. (Рошаль, Russia), K.C. (Wateringen, Netherlands), K.H. (Newport Beach, USA)
  • January: K.D. (Moscow, Russia), N.J. (Erlach, Switzerland), K.M. (Voronezh, Russia)
RU repository mirror

Thanks from/to H1 (Russia, November 2014 to April 2017)
Kingston16GB.jpg 16GB Memory
bought using the paypal donations (September 2014)
IntelSSD.jpg 180GB SSD Drive
bought using the paypal donations (September 2014)
BenQ24.jpg 24" Monitor
bought using the paypal donations (September 2014)
US repository mirror
Thanks from/to Travis Z. (USA, September 2014)
TH repository mirror
Thanks from/to THZ Host (Thailand, September 2014)
Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin
Love Devotion Surrender
Thanks from/to Don H. (August 2014)
BG repository mirror
Thanks from/to Neterra LTD - Powered by Cloudware.BG (Bulgaria, August 2014)
AU repository mirror
Thanks from/to Conetix Cloud Hosting (Australia, June 2014)
SI repository mirror
Thanks from/to ARNES (Slovenia, May 2014)
EC repository mirror
Thanks from/to Ernesto Pérez and Paul Bernal from Consorcio Ecuatoriano para el Desarrollo de Internet Avanzada. (Ecuador, March 2014)

UK repository mirror
Thanks from/to Tommy Atkinson (United Kingdom, From March 2014 to February 2017)

Loreena McKennitt
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Thanks from/to Jeff M. (January 2014)
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  • November: S.O.Z. (Turkey), D. O. (Russia), M.H. (Japan), J.Z. (Massachusetts, USA)
  • October: Pierre L. (Quebec, Canada), LinQHost (Netherlands), Evgeniy K. (Russia), F.F. (Japan), Flare Media Ltd (London, UK), Charles A. (Singore), Loek G. (Netherlands), Rory M. (Australia), Cosmic Shovel, Inc. (California, USA), (Florida, USA), Dominic C. (London, UK).
  • September: Sato K. (Japan), Richard P. (Oregon, USA), Хмелинский П. (Russia)
  • August: Istvan (London, UK), Justin (China), Lisa (California, USA)
  • June: Krisztián V (Hungary)
  • May: Sven U. (Germany)
  • April: James L. (Minnesota, USA)
  • March: Jason H. (Oklahoma, USA), Mike M (Pennsylvania, USA), C.C. (Danemark)
  • February: Stewart W. (Massachusetts, USA), Henry W., Grigoryan E (Russia)
  • January: Eric K. (Nebraska, USA), Keiichiro T. (Japan)
BR repository mirror
Thanks from/to Carlos Arce (Brazil, November 2013)
JP repository mirror
Thanks from/to Kazuki Oishi (Japan, November 2013)
NL repository mirror
Thanks from/to (Nehterlands, November 2013)
CN repository mirror
Thanks from/to Qiming College, Huazhong University of Science and Technologgy (Wuhan, China, August 2013)
NL repository mirror
Thanks from/to Hosting in Nederland (Netherlands, August 2013)
ID repository mirror
Thanks from/to Smart Media Pratama, PT (ISP) (Indonesia, July 2013)
US repository mirror
Thanks from/to (mt) Media Temple (USA, April 2013)
ViennaTeng.jpg Vienna Teng
Dreaming Through The Noise
Thanks from/to Anonymous (April 2013)
German repository mirror
Thanks from/to Schlund Technologies GmbH (Germany, February 2013)
German repository mirror
Thanks from/to LayerJet Solutions Open Source Mirror Service (Germany, February 2013)
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  • October: Rahardja S. (Jakarta, Indonesia), Jorge F. (Porto Rico, USA)
  • August: Herman J. R. (California, USA), Robb C. (Washington, USA), Paul C (Hartlepool, UK)
  • April: Charles B. (Dagenham, UK)
  • February: Yan L. (Beijing, China), Robert R. (Rochester, USA), Vaclav M. (Czech republic)
GdbBook.png GDB Pocket Reference
Thanks from/to Mykhailo B. (California, USA, November 2012)
Russian repository mirror (enterprise only)
Thanks from/to Awanti ISP (Russian, August 2012)
Package Monkey Small Package Monkey Logo
Bruno Bellamy
Natalie Merchant - Retrospective 1995-2005 Natalie Merchant
Retrospective 1995-2005

Anonymous (USA, Jan. 2012)
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  • December: Kentaro S. (Tokyo, Japon)
  • October: Fran (Highland, USA)
  • September: anonymous (Columbus, USA)
  • August: anonymous (Fresno, USA)
  • July: rhopek (Alpharetta, USA), Robert R. (Rochester, USA)
  • June: Neil P. (UK)
  • May: Marinko T. (Bosnie-Herzégovine), Peter K. (Canada), Gerald D. (Canada), Ann C. (Boulder, USA)
  • April: Hoa L. (Fresco, USA), Javier E. P. (Spain)
Muse - Origin Of Symmetry Muse
Origin Of symmetry (2001)

Anonymous (Germany, July. 2011)
Vienna Teng - Inland Territory Vienna Teng
Inland Territory (2009)

Anonymous (USA, July. 2011)
Repository mirror
Thanks from/to IT Services Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt (Switzerland, April 2011)
Lullaby.jpg Jewell
Lullaby (2009)

Brian (USA, April. 2011)
TheUnion.jpg EltonJohn / Leon Russell
The Union (2010)

Brian (USA, April. 2011)
RemColapse.jpg R.E.M.
Collapse Into Now (2011)

Brian (USA, April. 2011)
BS-ThePromise.jpg Bruce Springsteen
The Promise (2010)

Gareth B. (Leeds, UK, Mar. 2011)
Barclay James Harvest - Berlin Barclay James Harvest

Alexandrine et Johan C. (Bordeaux, France, Fév. 2011)
i5.png New computer

Jefim G. (Lettonie), Sven L. (Allemagne), Konstantin R. (Quebec), Nicolas A. (France), Geza L. (U.S.A.), Greg K. (Australia), Didier G. (France, dec 2010)
SarahMcLachlan-LawsOfIllusion.jpg Sarah McLachlan
Laws Of Illusion
Thanks from/to Ian A.F. (Chicago, USA, oct 2010)
Repository mirror
Thanks from/to DediPower (UK, may 2010)
Jewel-Live.jpg Jewel
Live At Humphrey's By The Bay
Thanks from/to Philippe S. (Angers, France, Mar 2010)
Thanks from/to siprossi (France, Noël 2009)
Home.jpg Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Thanks from/to Allan F. (Canada)
LoreenaMcKennitt-MidwinterNightsDream.jpg Loreena McKennit
A Midwinter Night's Dream
Thanks from/to Allan F. (Canada, oct 2009)
Theme-Remi.jpg Remi's Theme
Thème pour le Blog, les Forums et le dépôt.
 Thanks from/to Trashy (France)
Diana Krall
 Quiet Nights
 Thanks from/to Emerik (France, may 2009)
Sarah McLachlan
 Thanks from/to Emerik (France, may 2009)
Redhat goodies
 Thanks from/to Wiliam (France)
fedora-logo.png Fedora Ambassador Shirt
 Thanks from/to Fedora-Fr