When I open this web site, very small at that time, I simply retrieve a picture from the web. Not really free and so, not really suitable with my convictions.

So, I decide to change for a new logo and new colors which will better suite me and my liking, by asking some relations.

Bruno Bellamy, comic book designer, who I really appreciate the work, for years, and who accepted this little challenge. A single idea to start, to let him as free as possible : "Package Monkey" nickname (used for the first time by dwmw2, perhaps some will remember...)

I really like the result.

Package Monkey

For Dotclear, PunBB and Repoview theme adaptation, one more time, I could rely on my preferred CSS expert Johan Cwiklinski (aka trashy).

I greatly thank them for their work!

P.S. themes sources are available on github.