emblem-important-2-24.pngVersion 7.1 being close to its end of life, in December 2019, an upgrade to a higher version is recommended.

Version announcements:

emblem-notice-24.pngInstallation : use the Configuration Wizard and choose your version and installation mode.

Replacement of default PHP by version 7.3 installation (simplest):

yum-config-manager --enable remi-php73
yum update php\*

Parallel installation of version 7.3 as Software Collection

yum install php73

Replacement of default PHP by version 7.2 installation (simplest):

yum-config-manager --enable remi-php72
yum update

Parallel installation of version 7.2 as Software Collection

yum install php72

And soon in the official updates:

emblem-important-2-24.pngTo be noticed :

  • EL-7 rpm are build using RHEL-7.6
  • EL-6 rpm are build using RHEL-6.10
  • EL-7 builds now use libicu62 (version 62.1)
  • EL builds now uses oniguruma5 (version 6.9.3 ,instead of bundle copy)
  • oci8 extension now uses Oracle Client version 19.3 (excepted on EL-6)
  • a lot of new extensions are also available, see the PECL extension RPM status page

emblem-notice-24.pngInformation, read:

Base packages (php)

Software Collections (php71 / php72 / php73)