Until now, GLPI 9.1 was available in the "remi" repository and GLPI 9.2 in the "remi-test" repository, which doesn't make sense anymore, as version 9.2 is stable and most plugins are compatible.

I could have move 9.2 in "remi" and start pushing package of upcoming 9.2 version in "remi-test", but I prefer to let the choice to upgrade to the user.

From now, we have 3 repositories:

  • remi-glpi91 for GLPI 9.1, the old stable version (deprecated)
  • remi-glpi92 for GLPI 9.2, the current stable version (recommended)
  • remi-glpi93 for GLPI 9.3, the development version

So you have to enable the repository for the wanted version

For RHEL and Centos

    yum-config-manager --enable remi-glpi92

For Fedora

    dnf config-manager --set-enabled remi-glpi92

Hopping this improvement will make everyone happy.