I've build these packages to get all the features of  imagick extension, installed by php-pecl-imagick package. It obsoletes previous ImageMagick-last package (the name was ambiguous).

The ImageMagick6-libs and ImageMagick7-libs packages are designed to be installed beside ImageMagick from official repository. Applications will use the needed version of the libraries.

On Fedora, it is possible to replace ImageMagick with ImageMagick6 or ImageMagick7 to use the latest version of the commands, as the libraries are provided by the ImageMagick-libs sub-package.On Enterprise Linux, this is not possible, as ImageMagick provides both the commands and the libraries. If you have not installed ImageMagick yet, and don't need the old libraries, you can also install ImageMagick7 to get the latest version of the command.

For the imagick PHP extension, version 6 is still used. Actually, various functions have been removed from version 7, which also imply their removal from the extension. This functions will be soon deprecated, and removed in a future version of the extension (see issue #162).

Packages are available for all versions of Fedora, RHEL and CentOS as the sonames (library version) are different.

For memory:

  • Fedora : ImageMagick 6.9.3, soname = 6.Q16.so.2
  • EL-7 : ImageMagick 6.7.8, soname = 6.Q16.so.1
  • EL-6 : ImageMagick 6.7.2, soname = 6.Q16.so.1
  • Version 6.9.6-8, soname = 6.Q16.so.3
  • Version 7.0.3-10, soname = 7.Q16HDRI.so.1