As for the remi-php55 repository I just create a new repository for PHP 5.6.

emblem-important-4-24.png Warning:current version is 5.6.0-dev, so only for test, not ready for production. All PECL extensions are not yet available.

For Enterprise Linux, you now have 4 repositories:

  • remi which provides common packages, PHP 5.4 and PHP extension not linked to the version used.
  • remi-php55 which provides only PHP 5.5 packages.
  • remi-php56 which provides only PHP 5.6 packages.
  • remi-test which "really" provides "to be tested" packages.

For Fedora this is a temporary repository, once version 5.6 will be stable, RPM will move to the remi repository.


  • If you enable remi-php56 you must also enable remi.
  • RPM of C extensions have a .remi.5.4, .remi.5.5 or .remi.5.6 suffixe.
  • This new repository is defined in the new version of remi-release package (version 5.10-1,6.5-1, 19-2 or 20-2).

I hope I haven't forget anything, fell free to alert me for any issue on the forum.