To make possible to provide both PHP 5.4 (in remi repository) and PHP 5.5, the last has stayed in the remi-test repository.

This poorly chosen name could be understood as packages provided for test only,  While this version can be considered as stable.

So, now, you have 3 repositories:

  • remi which provides common packages, PHP 5.4 and PHP extension not linked to the version used.
  • remi-php55 which provides only PHP 5.5 packages.
  • remi-test which "really" provides "to be tested" packages (ex glpi-0.84.2).


  • If you enable remi-php55 you must also enable remi.
  • PHP packages will stay a few weeks in remi-test, to give you the time to update your configuration for this change; but they won't be updated. New build will only go in remi-php55.
  • Future RPM of C extensions will now have a .remi.5.4 ou .remi.5.5 suffixe.
  • This new repository is defined in the new version of remi-release package (version 5.9-1 or 6.4-1).
  • For Fedora, no new repo, PHP 5.5 will go directly in remi (starting with next version 5.5.5).

I hope I haven't forget anything, fell free to alert me for any issue on the forum.