For memory, I'm using Linux on my workstation since Red Hat Linux 8 (aka Psyche), so, in 2002. Since this date, after a quick test of KDE, I was using the Gnome environment.

During more than 10 years, I have consider Gnome as the best desktop environment, and spent a lot of time to defend it.

I was among the firsts to test Gnome Shell (with F14), to quickly adopt it, and to promote it in front of its numerous detractors.

I'm usually very faithful, and I don't change easily my way of thinking, on any first small issue. Yes, changes in Gnome were needed, Gnome have become obsolete, and Gnome 3 have done a lot of courageous choices.

I'm probably a quite special user (but we are all different), I don't use most of the Gnome integrated applications, and I faithfully use, since the beginning,  Firefox, Thunderbird, X(Hex)chat. My main tools are the terminal and the text editor, and I usually don't change the environment configuration.

But, listening lot of criticisms about Gnome, I finally start to agree, and I can't find any more excuses to the project. And finally, I also have my own observations.

  • Default fonts are blurred (in F20) so I have to switch to Liberation.
  • The application launcher is just too complex, you have to know the exact name. The drop of the category tree presentation was one more mistake.
  • Software is really unusable, for now, to manage applications installation and update (just try toinstall PHP....)
  • The move of menu options to the global menu (AppMenu) is just unnecessary and not ready as it is not possible to detect if the menu is present or not (during ssh session, for example)
  • Ctrl-Alt-L replaced by Super-L (to please who ?)

I agree, this are minor details, or temporary bugs. But, this is just too much for me, so I decide to switch to a new desktop environment, and I'm now testing KDE.

This a clear, I only use a very few KDE features, as I was using for Gnome. And I'm currently fine with it,

Now, I understand all those people who have left Gnome, but I will not become a KDE ambassador, just a simple user.