My new computer is nearly operational :

Retrieved from my previous computer:
  • SSD A-Data™ S599 64Go disk (system), ~2 years old,
  • 320GiB Sata disk (/home, /tmp, ...), ~6 years old
  • 500GiB Sata disk (/data, /tmp, ...), ~4 years old

I have a annoying issue with my old SSD which doesn't work as expected (randomly detected by the BIOS), so I need had to replace it.

First test, boot time < 5", Firefox 25 build take 25' instead of 45'. Nice.

I plan to extend it quickly:

  • A new SSD
  • 16G memory

Thans to all who wants to participate, see the Merci/Thanks page.

My previous machine will be used by my children.