See : PHP 5.5.0 Release Announcement

This a Fedora 19 feature, so packages are also available in Fedora 19 updates.

Important packaging changes

The php-mysql package (using the MySQL client library) is dropped, the php-mysqlnd, which use the native driver provides the mysql, mysqli and pdo_mysql extensions.

The non-free json extension is dropped. The new php-pecl-jsonc package provides the free alternative jsonc extension.

The new php-opcache packages provides the new official opcode cache.

dtrace/systemtap support is enabled.

More extensions are provided as shared modules (enabled by default when installed)

  • in php-common : bz2, calendar, ctype, exif, ftp, gettext, iconv, sockets and tokenizer
  • moved in the new php-gmp package: gmp
  • moved in php-process : shmop
  • moved in php-xml : xml et simplexml

The gd extension use the system GD Library (in official Fedora 20 packages and in my repo thanks to gd-last).

Informations, read Good bye PHP 5.3 - Welcome to PHP 5.5

Installation :

yum --enablerepo=remi-test,remi update php\*

This new version will stay a few weeks in remi-test repository for Fedora and a few months for Enterprise Linux before going to remi.