While last version 2.0.35 was released years ago (2007), the project have start again, lead by some developers from PHP project, which use this library  (for gd extension).

Most of changes present in PHP have been merged, and  PHP 5.5 bundles a version 2.1.0-alpha of this library. This allow to build PHP with the system library (guidelines) instead of the bundled copy.

The only missing function is imageantialias (rarely used and often protected by a condition as already missing in some others linux distribution). Anti-aliasing is under rewrite (planed for 2.2).

The gd-last package can be installed beside gd. Wheras, gd-last-progs and gd-last-devels replace gd-progs and gd-devel. It is a backport of the rawhide version (release too late to be included in Fedora 19).

So, this version will be used by the PHP 5.5 packages in remi-test, as in rawhide.


yum remove gd-progs gd-devel
yum --enablerepo=remi-test install gd-last-progs

Current version (post-RC2) is in the remi-test repository, next stable release will move to remi.