Available in the remi-test repository:

  • glpi-0.78.1-1
  • glpi-appliances-1.6.0-1
  • glpi-dumpentity-1.2.0-1
  • glpi-loadentity-1.2.0-1
  • glpi-mass-ocs-import-1.4.1-1
  • glpi-pdf-0.7.0-1
  • glpi-reports-1.4.0-1
  • glpi-webservices-1.0.0-1

Users of 0.78 versions are encouraged to update. Users of older version (0.72.x) are welcome to try this version, in a dedicated test environment, before upgrading production server, give feedback and post questions:

No update planned for official repositories, packages will stay in remi-test until the release of datainjection and fusioninventory plugins compatible with this new version.