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WARNING : The License restrict the use of this tool It's the reason why it is not available on official repositories (Fedora/EPEL).

For PHP, read the documentation on PDF functions

The simplest to install is, of course, to use YUM !

yum --enable remi install pdflib-lite


yum --enable rpmfusion-nonfree install pdflib-lite

Examples are provided by the pdflib-lite-devel sub-package.

If you prefer to download the RPM, search in the repository

Also available : pdflib-lite-devel (C development), pdflib-lite-perl (use from perl) pdflib-lite-python (use from python) et php-pecl-pdflib (use from PHP).

I really like to use this functions in PHP which allow me to generate PDF in a simple way. Performance is really better than using others PHP classes (written in PHP) for example when converting image on the fly (TIF -> PDF). Effectivly is sometime not possible to install it on site hosted by a commercial provider.