Version announcements:

emblem-notice-24.pngInstallation: use the Configuration Wizard and choose your version and installation mode.

Replacement of default PHP by version 8.3 installation (simplest):

dnf module switch-to php:remi-8.3/common

Parallel installation of version 8.3 as Software Collection

yum install php83

Replacement of default PHP by version 8.2 installation (simplest):

dnf module switch-to php:remi-8.2/common

Parallel installation of version 8.2 as Software Collection

yum install php82

And soon in the official updates:

emblem-important-2-24.pngTo be noticed :

  • EL-9 RPMs are built using RHEL-9.4
  • EL-8 RPMs are built using RHEL-8.10
  • EL-7 repository is closed
  • intl extension now uses libicu73 (version 73.2)
  • mbstring extension (EL builds) now uses oniguruma5php (version 6.9.9, instead of the outdated system library)
  • oci8 extension now uses the RPM of Oracle Instant Client version 21.13 on x86_64, 19.23 on aarch64
  • a lot of extensions are also available, see the PHP extensions RPM status (from PECL and other sources) page


Base packages (php)

Software Collections (php81 / php82 / php83)