I've had the pleasure to participate to PHP Tour 2016 in Clermont-Ferrand (one of the most important PHP event in France).

I gave a talk about  "Forget mod_php". It is about this PHP installation method, the most documented, the simplest, but which have given a bad image about Apache HTTPD Server, and encourage user, needing performance, to migrate to nginx and its threaded mode and so with FPM. But, it is also possible to use Apache in thread mode, using the worker or event MPM, also with FPM.

This is the opportunity to show how simple it is to switch to Apache and FPM with some simple or advanced configurations:

  • switch from mod_php to php-fpm
  • various PHP version
  • load balancing

The slides: Clermont2016en.pdf

Joind event: Oublions mod_php

And, as each year, this new PHP Tour allows a lot of rich and valuable meetings with various PHP users and developers.

Media: @sanplomb j.pauli 1, j.pauli 2

Soon, PHPForum 2016 in Paris.