The remi repository will be soon 11 years old, and we just reached the 100 millions of downloads :)

Of course, this is only an indicator, first years are not included, some people aspire the full repository, and lot of private mirrors are used and are not included in this figure, but it allows me to observe the growing success of my work, and to compare the popularity of the various available packages.

If the received donations finance the hosting, they are mostly a proof of the usefulness of my work and of the users gratefulness. When they will stop, I will know I can close the site.

Some other repositories try to come after, pulling my work, here or in fedora. They will always stay behind.

A small regret : PHP 5.4 still represent 34% of the downloads, too much (PHP 5.5 20%, PHP 5.6 40% and PHP 7.0 7%) but tendency is good, just a bit slow for me.

A satisfaction : Software Collections represent around 20%, which is a proof this is a good tool, matching a real need of parallel installation.

Small notice: I also need your testimonials.