This repository is designed for people who want to give priority to distribution and EPEL packages, without having to replace them (e.g. to keep Red Hat support) but who need some additional extensions which are not (yet) available in EPEL.

This repositry is not intrusive, and it is really safe, as it doesn't replace or have any conflict with distribution or EPEL packages.

It mostly provides PHP extensions, not in EPEL for various reasons:

  • work in progress (e.g. php-pecl-mongodb)
  • lack of time (or motivation) to submit them
  • lack of respect of Fedora packaging guidelines(bundled library, e.g. php-pecl-trader)
  • lack of respect of Fedora policy (patent, license, e.g. php-pecl-rar)
  • deprecated, but provided for legacy applications (php-pecl-uploadprogress)

Perhaps the success of some of them will convince me to integrate them into EPEL repository.

So, these extensions work with PHP version 5.4.16 (Enterprise Linux 7).

The repopsitory also provides some libraries required by these extensions. Packages are the same that those in "remi", so this is a sub-set of the main repository.

It also provides the common dependencies for remi-php** repositories (so "remi" is no more requires). As this is a new feature, please report any missing.

I think I will also add soon the Software Collections which doesn't conflict with those  available in RHSCL (so php56 and later php70).

The remi-release-7.1-1.el7.remi or remi-release-6.6-1.el7.remi package provides the repository configuration, which is enabled by default.

You can also downlod the remi-safe.repo file and add it in the /etc/yum.repo.d repository.