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As many other software; this essential tool for PHP package maintainers have give up with pear distribution and switch to composer... :(

The official distribution is now a single big phar archive, which includes all the dependencies? This is obviously not acceptable for RPM.

Packages are now adapted to use the system libraries (nikic/php-parser, phpunit/timer, symfony...).


yum --enablerepo=remi install phpcompatinfo


Warning, syntax have changed again !

$ phpcompatinfo  -v  analyser:run  .  /path/to/analyze

Configuration file used, in priority order is:

  • file defined by COMPATINFO environment variable
  • compatinfo.json file in current directory
  • user file: ~/.config/phpcompatinfo.json
  • system file: /etc/phpcompatinfo.json (provided)

As always, feedback is welcome.