Official Web Site :

Of course, install could be done using YUM :

yum --enablerepo=remi install ocsinventory

The ocsinventory package is a meta-package which allow to install in a single command:

  • ocsinventory-server : the Communication server
  • ocsinventory-reports : the Administration console
  • mariadb-server or mysql-server : the Database server

Of course, it's possible to install each sub-package separately on different computers.

After installation of the packages, connect on http://localhost/ocsreports/ to create the database and configure the application (or migrate to the new DB schema).

You should read : OCS and GLPI installation guide which could simplify the installation process (this article probably need to be updated)

Of course, I'm wating for your tests and feedback on this application, a "must be used" with GLPI (even with fusioninventory extension which is, now, a working alternative). If feedbacks are good, I will move it to remi repository and fedora / EPEL officials ones.

Packages are also available in Fedora rawhide and EPEL-7 Beta.

Package of agent version 2.1 is also available (ocsinventory-agent-2.1).