Official web site:

Documentation: PHPUnit 3.7 Manual

In this new major version, the project developers have raise dependencies:

  • php-phpunit-DbUnit-1.2.1
  • php-phpunit-File-Iterator-1.3.3
  • php-phpunit-PHP-CodeCoverage-1.2.5
  • php-phpunit-PHP-Invoker-1.1.2
  • php-phpunit-PHP-Timer-1.0.4
  • php-phpunit-PHP-TokenStream-1.1.5
  • php-phpunit-Text-Template-1.1.3
  • php-phpunit-PHPUnit-3.7.6
  • php-phpunit-PHPUnit-MockObject-1.2.1
  • php-phpunit-PHPUnit-Selenium-1.2.9
  • php-phpunit-PHPUnit-SkeletonGenerator-1.1.0
  • php-symfony2-Yaml-2.1.2

Notice : the project now use some Symfony 2.1 components, which are not yet available in the official repository, so update of PHPUnit is differed there.

As always:

yum --enablerepo=remi install php-phpunit-PHPUnit

I plan an upgrade in fedora ≥ 18 as soon as possible.