Documentation is available (PDF format, in french): glpidoc-0.83.pdf

As all plugins projets have not yet released a stable version, this is not ready for production, so, version 0.80 stay available in remi repository.

Available in the repository:

  • glpi-0.83-2
  • glpi-appliances-1.8.0-1
  • glpi-data-injection-2.2.0-0.1.svn703
  • glpi-dumpentity-1.3.0-1
  • glpi-fusioninventory-
  • glpi-loadentity-1.3.0-1
  • glpi-mass-ocs-import-1.6.0-1
  • glpi-pdf-0.83-1
  • glpi-reports-1.6.0-1
  • glpi-webservices-1.3.0-1

You are welcome to try this version, in a dedicated test environment, give your feedback and post your questions and bugs on:

RPM will be update regularly until the final version (follow this entry).