From PHPUnit 3.6.8 Changelog

* Marked `--skeleton-class` and `--skeleton-test` as deprecated. Please use the `phpunit-skelgen` tool that is provided by the `PHPUnit_SkeletonGenerator` package instead.

So, if you are used to generate your unit tests using this command, you should switch to this new package

yum install php-phpunit-PHPUnit-SkeletonGenerator

Usage :

$ phpunit-skelgen 
PHPUnit Skeleton Generator 1.0.0 by Sebastian Bergmann.
Usage: phpunit-skelgen --class ClassTest
       phpunit-skelgen --class -- ClassTest [ClassTest.php] [Class] [Class.php]
       phpunit-skelgen --test Class [Class.php] [ClassTest] [ClassTest.php]
       phpunit-skelgen --test -- Class [Class.php] [ClassTest] [ClassTest.php]
  --class    Generate Class [in Class.php] based on ClassTest [in ClassTest.php]
  --test     Generate ClassTest [in ClassTest.php] based on Class [in Class.php]
  --help     Print this usage information
  --version  Print the version