To read :

This build use a spec file close to the one from Rawhide

WARNING: before upgrading, a full backup of your databases seems mandatory (a logical dump using mysqldump for example).


Simple to install, via yum:

yum --enablerepo=remi update mysql-server

For whose who prefer the download and manual installation, see the repository

Running the mysql_upgrade command is mandatory. It checks all tables in all databases for incompatibilities with the current version of MySQL Server. If a table is found to have a possible incompatibility, it is checked. If any problems are found, the table is repaired. In all case, reading the documentation is recommended:

The service init script have been improved to allow to launch simply, if needed, the service in rescue mode (without password, but without network)

# start in rescue mode (with --skip-grant-tables and --skip-networking options)
service mysqld startsos
# re-launch in normal mode
service mysqld restart

Attention Notice : since version 5.5.10, the client library jump to version 18. So, all softwares that use it must be updated. Those build with version 16 will work with the compat-mysql51 package..

Packages available for fedora >= 10.

Packages available for enterprise linux >= 4 (running on this server).