Documentation is available (PDF format, in french) : glpidoc-0.80.1.pdf

The version 0.78.x stays in remi.

Version 0.80.x is now stable, but all the plugins are not yet available. This new version will go to the stable repository when all compatible plugins will be published.

Currentloy in the repository :

  • glpi-0.80.4-1
  • glpi-appliances-1.7.0-1
  • glpi-data-injection-2.1.0-0.2.svn596
  • glpi-fusioninventory-2.4.0-1
  • glpi-mass-ocs-import-1.5.2-1
  • glpi-pdf-0.80.3-1
  • glpi-reports-1.5.0-1
  • glpi-webservices-1.2.0-0.2.svn290

You are welcome to try this version, in a dedicated test environment, give your feedback and post your questions and bugs on:

RPM will be update regularly until the final version (follow this entry).

Évidement, je pousserais bientôt une mise à jour dans les dépôts fedora/epel officiels.