Jack-in-the-box.jpgFrom now, the access to remi repository change.

For active fedora versions (13 et 14), and enterprise linux (6), the repository is still available freely  but with a 14 days delay after the users which have the benefit of a Premium access.

For older versions, the repository is closed.

Premium users keep an immediate access (no delay) to the repository, and an access to packages for older versions (fedora <= 12 and enterprise linux <= 5).

Subscription will be available tomorrow on the online shop, to the special price of:

  • 5€ per month
  • 50€ per year

This subscription will be managed by the new yum-plugin-remi, based on rhn-plugin:

yum install yum-plugin-remi
remi-register <your-unique-identifier-provided-after-payment>

Registered users of RHEL will get a 25% discount.

April Fools' day !