fedora / EPEL-6

Clean of the spec files and build of 10 packages for EPEL-6

  • php-pear-Crypt-CHAP
  • php-pear-Validate-Finance-CreditCard
  • php-pear-Numbers-Roman
  • php-pear-Pager
  • php-pear-HTML-Common
  • php-pear-File-SMBPasswd
  • php-pear-HTML-QuickForm
  • php-pear-Math-Stats
  • php-pecl-radius
  • php-pear-DB-DataObject


This package use the mhash functions (optional dependency) for some works. This functions are deprecated and are no more available with PHP 5.3.

So, this part must be rewritten using the hash functions available since PHP 5.1 (and as a pecl extension for previous versions).

PEAR Request #17828 (with the patch, it's better).

This package also provides a test script, useful to check the previous patch, but which is not in a standard test format (phpt or phpunit).

PEAR Request #17827.


Work on version 5.3.4-dev

Creation of a new sub-package for the sqlite extension (only in the packages from remi repository) which is deprecated (so removed from fedora packages) and which requires sqlite2, dependency that the users doesn't really understand.

Unfortunately, build crash because of a missing MySQL header in the mysql-devel-5.1.50-1 package.


Search the explanation of the missing my_compiler.h file : MySQL Bug #55846.

As I notice the MySQL 5.1.50 update for fedora, I send a mail to the maintainer (Tom Lane) to notify him of this issue.

Add the patch and build of the mysql-5.1.50-2 packages.

Cool, Tom has consider my message, the patch is also include in fedora which will not be affected by this issue.

Push the packages to remi repository.


Build of version 5.3.4-dev (201008281230).

No problem with fedora 12 and 13, build fails under EL-5 (i386).

Report : PHP Bug #52725.

Build is now OK. Push the package to remi-test repository.


A new version 1.12.2 is released. Update pushed in rawhide and in remi.

I've try, once again, to run the test suite during the package build. But I encounter some problems

  • include_path must be overridden (builroot + system), which is possible, using
%{__pear} run-tests -i "-d include_path=%{buildroot}%{pear_phpdir}:%{pear_phpdir}" tests
  • date.timezone must be defined, its lack raise warnings and make tests fail.
  • environment variable PHPRC is ignored in tests (but why ??)

As it's not possible to use the --ini option twice, so tests must be adapted.

PEAR Request #17830.


Cannot be bored !

I think I have earned some rest, probably a film with my children.