In the standard repository : php (5.3.1), php-cli, php-common, php-gd, php-ldap, php-mcrypt, php-mysql, php-odbc, php-pdo, php-pgsql, php-soap, php-xml, php-xmlrpc, php-pear (1.9.0), php-pecl-apc (3.1.3p1), php-pecl-memcache (3.0.4).

In the "optional" repository : php-bcmath, php-dba, php-devel, php-embedded, php-enchant, php-intl, php-mbstring, php-process, php-pspell, php-recode, php-snmp, php-tidy, php-zts

Of course, extensions (available in fedora) which depends on packages from EPEL are dropped : php-interbase (and pdo_firebird) and php-mssql (and pdo_dblib).

We will notice the missing sqlite3 extension; but the most surprising is the php-imap package suppression (should be back soon see comment).

So, the php-extras package will remain (very) usefull.

I really appreciate that the packages Changelog keep the track of the fedora contributors.