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Since phpMyAdmin was available in official fedora repository, and updated quickly by its maintainer, I provides only the backport package for old fedora release (<= 10) and for EL (as the default PHP version doesn't match the requirement for version 3).

New version 3.3.0 change things again, as this new version brings some new interesting features but requires a lot of changes in the pakaging (I don't know yet what the fedora maintainers plan to do) :

  • use of an upload dir in which the user can put file he can select in the import screen (/var/lib/phpMyAdmin/upload)
  • use of a save dir in which the dump can be stored from the export screen (/var/lib/phpMyAdmin/save)
  • use of a config dir to stored the configuration file generated by the setup wizard (/var/lib/phpMyAdmin/config) before being installed by admin (/etc/phpMyAdmin)
  • use of a configuration file for the custom path (FHS) used by linux distributions (great thanks !)
  • replace non maintained themes of version 3.2 with new of version 3.3
  • search input above the table list

As always (uninstall allow to get the new configuration file, as the one from previous version can cause some issues):

yum remove phpMyAdmin
yum --enablerepo=remi install phpMyAdmin

I wrote a little patch to improve the path configuration for which I'm waiting for upstream feedback.

As this version introduce big changes, your feedback is expected (using the forums).