Read the Releases Page for changes history.

The download site only provide RPM for Fedora 12 i386 and x86_64. My repository also provides RPM for Fedora 11. Previous Fedora versions and ppc build will come for RC or stable version.

As always :

yum --enablerepo=remi-test install mysql-workbench

Of course, it was build with mysql-5.1.42-1

For a good packaging, it is necessary to use system libraries rather than bundled ones. Done for curl, libsigc++, boost, yassl (switch to openssl), ctemplate and mysql-connector-c++ (version 1.0.6, bzr snapshot 813, also available in remi-test). I need more work for scintilla (if you are curious, compare the size of officials RPM to mine).

To be followed on MySQL Workbench 5.2.15 Beta 5 Available

You should note that this version will obsolete MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Administrator et MySQL Migration Toolkit (end of life). Which seems a good news, as all resources will be for this new full featured tool.

Of course, this a beta version, so you could encounter some crash.