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mercredi 23 octobre 2019

FFI extension usage with PHP 7.4

The FFI extension (Foreign Function Interface) give access to features from system libraries directly from PHP without any need to additional extension.

Here is some examples, results of my tests of this  extension.

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Utilisation de l'extension FFI avec PHP 7.4

L'extension FFI (Foreign Function Interface) permet d'accéder aux fonctionnalités de bibliothèques systèmes directement depuis PHP sans recours à une autre extension.

Voici quelques exemples, résultats de mes tests de cette extension.

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jeudi 23 mai 2019

PHP extensions status with upcoming PHP 7.4

With PHP 7.4 entering stabilization phase, time to check the status of most commonly used PHP extensions (at least, the ones available in my repository).

Here is the (not yet) exhaustive list.

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jeudi 21 mars 2019

Small history about QA

Despite I'm mainly a developer, I now use most of my time on doing QA on PHP projects.

Here is, around release of versions7.2.17RC1 and 7.3.4RC1 a report which should help to understand this activity.


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Petite histoire de QA

Bien que développeur, je passe désormais la majeur partie de mon temps à faire de la QA (assurance qualité) sur les projets autour de PHP.

Voici à travers la sortie des versions 7.2.17RC1 et 7.3.4RC1 un rapport permettant de mieux comprendre cette activité.


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mardi 11 décembre 2018

Work in progress: PHP stack for EL-8

As RHEL-8.0-Beta is released, it's time to start preparing PHP stack for EPEL-8.

Here some notes about this work in progress.

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lundi 2 juillet 2018

PHP extensions status with upcoming PHP 7.3

With PHP 7.3 entering stabilization phase, time to check the status of most commonly used PHP extensions (at least, the ones available in my repository).

Here is the exhaustive list.

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mardi 14 novembre 2017

End of PHP 7.2 FTBFS marathon

QA is a very important part of my daily work, and since PHP 7.2 is available in Fedora rawhide, we have to ensure everything works as expected with this new version.


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jeudi 23 mars 2017

Away from github

For some years, the package development tracking for my repository was managed on a github repository:

This was, of course, for easiness.

Contrary to fashion of using this gratis, but not really free, service, I chose to self-host my work on the dedicated server already used for my repository, my blog and the forum.

All the sources of packages, tools and web sites will be progressively moved to the server, and can be browsed on

Github repository will stay open, only used for issues and other requests, but patch proposal should be send by email (preferably using  git format-patch so I can apply them using git am).

I will also consider moving from cgit to pagure, as soon as possible.

Partir de github

Depuis quelques années, le développement des paquets pour mon dépôt était géré dans un depôt github :

C'était évidement une solution de facilité.

Au contraire de la mode actuelle d'utiliser ce service gratuit, mais pas vraiment libre, j'ai décidé d'auto-héberger mon travail sur le serveur dédié utilisé pour mon dépôt, mon blog et le forum.

L'ensemble des sources des paquets, des outils et des sites seront donc progressivement déplacés vers le serveur, est sont consultables sur

Le dépôt github restera ouvert uniquement pour les rapports de bug ou demande diverses, mais les proposition de correctifs devront être transmises par messagerie (en utilisant de préférence git format-patch afin que je puisse les appliquer avec git am).

J'envisage aussi de remplacer, dès que possible, cgit par pagure.

mercredi 1 mars 2017

ZipArchive with encryption

Point of the situation with the development of zip extension version 1.14.0 which implements support of encrypted archives.

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ZipArchive avec chiffrement

Un petit point d'avancement du développement de l'extension zip version 1.14.0 qui intègre désormais le support des archives chiffrées.

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samedi 11 juin 2016

PHP 7.1 and number check

PHP 7.1 introduce a new check during conversion of string to number.

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PHP 7.1 et contrôle des nombres

PHP 7.1 introduit un nouveau contrôle lors de la conversion d'une chaine en nombre.

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lundi 9 novembre 2015

Tests de performance de PHPUnit et couverture de code

Comme il a déjà été dit de nombreuses fois, PHP 7 est plus rapide que PHP 5.

Depuis PHPUnit 4.8 vous pouvez choisir entre  XDebug et phpdbg comme pilote pour récupérer les données de couverture du code, voir PHPUnit 4.8: Code Coverage Support.

Voici quelques résultats de tests de performance.

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PHPUnit code coverage benchmark

As already said numerous time, PHP 7 is faster than PHP 5.

Since PHPUnit 4.8 you can choose between XDebug and phpdbg as driver to retrieve code coverage data, see PHPUnit 4.8: Code Coverage Support.

Here is some benchmark results.

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mercredi 9 septembre 2015

Accès aux fichiers Windows en PHP depuis Linux

Voici quelques information sur l'extension libsmbclient-php que je viens de découvrir.

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Windows files access from Linux in PHP

I just discover the libsmbclient-php project, here some information.

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mardi 30 juin 2015

PHP SIG - Autoloader

The Fedora PHP SIG (Special Interest Group) is back / working.

Here is a quick presentation about how to handle PHP autoloader in packaging.


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mardi 12 août 2014

Koschei: continuous integration of PHP stack in Fedora

Continuous Integration is a common concern of all developers.

Most of projects  use some tool, like Travis (available on PHP have its own tests suite. This allow to check that each modification of the source code doesn't introduce any regression.

This seems enough for a project, but for the whole PHP stack, we need to:

  • check that any dependency update doesn't break other projects using it
  • check that a PHP update doesn't introduce any regression in other projects, as soon as a Release Candidate is released (PHP versions available in travis/github are often a bit outdated)
  • check that packaging related change doesn't break anything

The Koschei project is an answer to those needs, by supervising updates in rawhide (development branch of Fedora) and launching scratch build of all dependent packages.

As a lot of tools, libraries and framework are available in Fedora repository, they have been added so they are now monitored, especially:

  • PHP (only version 5.6 for now)
  • PHPUnit and its dependencies
  • Symfony
  • Doctrine
  • Horde
  • etc

Instance URL :

This new tool should have allowed us to detect sooner recent regressions introduced in PHP version 5.4.29 and 5.5.13. So I plan to import next  Release Candidate as soon as possible, so we can take benefit of this supervision.

For example, we just detect a new FTBFS in symfony test suite after the update of PHPUnit 4.2.0 (it was a packaging issue, and is already fixed).

Of course, it means we need to have a test suite for each project, and to run it during the package build, but this is, for a long time, part of the good practices.

We'll see how this tool behave, but I think it really brings an important improvement for continuous integration of the whole PHP stack.

This is also, and mostly, a tool for which results should give benefits to each project, proving the usefulness of projects collaboration (upstream / downstream), and giving even more interest, for each project, to be available in a downstream distribution, such as Fedora.

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