From now, this stable version (Generally Available (GA) Release) is available in the remi repository for fedora, and so will replace the 5.1 version. It stay for some time in the  remi-test repository for Enterprise Linux (but I don't plan to maintain 5.1 package for a long time).

To read :

This build use a spec file close to the one from Rawhide

The Federated, Archive and Blackhole storage engines are provided as plugin. See the comments in the configuration file.

WARNING: before upgrading, a full backup of your databases seems mandatory (a logical dump using mysqldump for example).


Simplest way to install is to use  yum !

yum --enablerepo remi-test update mysql-server

For whose who prefer the download and manual installation, see the repository

WARNING: database created with an older version couldn't be used directly. You need to start the server without right management to run the database upgrade and create new right table (else, the server will fail to start and will record the message: [ERROR] Fatal error: Can't open and lock privilege tables: Table 'mysql.proxies_priv' doesn't exist) .

Running the mysql_upgrade command is mandatory. It checks all tables in all databases for incompatibilities with the current version of MySQL Server. If a table is found to have a possible incompatibility, it is checked. If any problems are found, the table is repaired. In all case, reading the documentation is recommended:

The service init script have been improved in this version to allow to run this quite simply:

# start in rescue mode (with --skip-grant-tables and --skip-networking options)
service mysqld startsos
# re-launch in normal mode
service mysqld restart

Packages available for fedora >= 9.

Packages available for enterprise linux >= 4 (running on this server).